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Quality Island Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

When you buy Pantheia products, you can rest assured that we stand behind everything we make. Our beautiful island jewelry and fashion accessories items are made with care at the hands of local artisans on the island of Bali, with each piece encapsulating the generations of culture, tradition, and ancient craftsmanship unique to this magical place. Our silver Bali jewelry is tested to a minimum standard of .925 purity, our rayon from bamboo fashion clothing is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, our jewelry tree and all of our island jewelry, handbags, and fashion accessories don't just look good, they are also individually inspected by our experienced local team to ensure quality. Our products are backed by a 30-day guarantee against manufacturer’s defects, and our entire team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to all Pantheia clients.

Gift Ideas - Silver Bali Jewelry and Unique Fashion Accessories

Look to Pantheia for cool island jewelry gift ideas for that fashionable woman in your life. Whether you’re searching for a cool present to make your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt, or dear friend smile, Pantheia makes island fashion for every occasion. Look and feel great in fall jewelry, star jewelry, ancient jewelry, or fresh jewelry designs, different clothing, and unique fashion accessories. Whether it’s island fashion, summer silver, fall leaves, or Bali jewelry, Pantheia has island jewelry for each of the four seasons. Can’t decide? No worries! Buy Gift Cards from Pantheia and make giving fun and easy!

Sustainable Practices and Organic Island Jewelry and Fashion Materials

Our model of employing local workers within our Bali production and operational structure forms the foundation for our sustainable business paradigm that supports the communities within which we operate. In addition to facilitating job creation, Pantheia is dedicated to employing fair trade principles, including providing its staff with competitive wages, excellent benefits, rewarding work, and a happy, enjoyable environment. Wherever feasible, we endeavor to utilize organic and sustainable materials, as found in the soursop leaves of our island jewelry collections, and in the beautiful banana leaves of our signature Balinese banana leaf jewelry boxes.

International Jewelry, Island Fashion, and Accessories Delivery

Pantheia offers national and international delivery throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. Whether you are shipping a fish purse, green ring, knit beret, brown handbag, or a handmade jewelry tree to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, or internationally, you can feel good knowing that our standard and express distribution options will ensure that your island jewelry, fashion, and accessories arrive in time for your special occasion.

Empowering Women on the Island of Bali and Corporate Social Responsibility

As a female-owned enterprise, Pantheia is committed to empowering women. In 2011, Pantheia began a philanthropic initiative to donate a portion of its profits toward the advancement of artistic education on the island of Bali. Through this venture, Pantheia is supporting the next generation of the artisans that it relies upon today to create its cool jewelry, clothing, unique fashion accessories, and its banana leaf boxes, with the supplementary goal of eventually providing gainful employment to several students of the programs it is currently contributing toward. Today, Pantheia is funding island jewelry making, knitting, and weaving classes at a small orphanage in Bali. The students are a group of young girls, aged 12-18, who are being taught highly sought-after skills that are intended to assist them in their preparation for the day when they will eventually leave the orphanage and seek gainful employment during their transition to independent members of society. As the organization grows, Pantheia aims to expand its training offerings to also include island jewelry, painting, and beading classes, both within the current orphanage, and among several other orphanages throughout the island.

Online Jewelry Community and Island Resources

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