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Giving Back

Sacred Childhoods Foundation:

Pantheia supports the Sacred Childhoods Foundation in Indonesia by providing an instructor, tools, and materials to teach marketable skills including knitting and crocheting to women who have had no other option than to beg for money on the streets of Bali.

Giving Back

The Sacred Childhoods Foundation focuses upon improving the lives of children through a four-step system of Aid, Trade, Lend, and Teach through various initiatives including Project COCAC (Combatting Organized Crimes Against Children) and The Sanctuary (a safe haven for protecting trafficked children). Sacred Childhoods adapts its programs to the changing needs of its beneficiaries, and believes in developing sustainable long-term reductions in poverty as opposed to fostering aid-dependency.

Info/Stats (from Sacred Childhoods):

  • Human trafficking is the joint second most profitable illicit trade worldwide (after drugs & alongside illegal arms) worth an estimated 32 billion USD annually
  • 1 child every minute is sold into sexual slavery somewhere in the world
  • An estimated 274 children are trafficked every day in Indonesia (ECPAT)
  • 30% of these children are sold into sexual slavery (82 children per day) (ECPAT)
  • The sale of children for the removal of their vital organs is a growing industry on the black market (UNGIFT)
  • International sex offenders are increasingly travelling to developing countries to abuse thelocal children & avoid detection (CEOP)
  • They often create child pornography which is sold internationally & is thought to be worth more than 20 billion USD annually
  • All three of these illegal industries involving Organised Crimes Against Children are currently booming. If we do nothing they will continue to grow so we must act NOW.

Pantheia will donate 15% of all profits on Ancestry Collection sales to The Sacred Childhoods Foundation to fund Project COCAC and the construction and operation of The Sanctuary.

To watch the latest Sacred Childhoods informational video, click here

To learn more and/or make a donation, please visit www.sacredchildhoods.org

Widhya Asih Orphanage IV:

Pantheia has been supporting the Widhya Ashih Orphange IV since 2011 through the provision of an instructor, materials, and a dedicated program manager to teach weekly classes of knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, and decorative lontar palm box weaving. Additional product manufacturing classes have also been funded by Pantheia, including rayon from bamboo handbags and floral-accent hair elastics, which are sold by Pantheia in various locations throughout Bali, with all profits on sales donated back to the Orphanage.

To learn more and/or make a donation, please visit www.putribaliorphanage.org

Other Related Initiatives:

Pantheia supports sustainable development in Karangasem – one of the poorest communities on the island where many people lack access to basic nutrition, healthcare, roads, and education, due to the lack of infrastructure and arable land in this mountainous region of Bali. It is here, in the village of Desa Ban that Pantheia is working to produce its new line of woven bamboo iPad cases and bamboo box packaging for its rayon from bamboo knitwear collection, creating employment opportunities for local residents in one of the areas where they are needed most.

Pantheia also produces its signature banana leaf jewelry boxes in the small village of Singaraja in northern Bali, where job prospects are limited, and economic development solutions are required.

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